This site is not about “cherry-picking” -well maybe in a sense it is- but my intention is to share my experiences and sometimes my solutions of problems/challenges I encounter.

I will try to keep it pragmatic and stay far from Arthur C. Clarke’s 3rd law1.

Unfortunately this site is work in progress …

It has some sample content that came with the default installation but slowly it is build out to my be personal corner on the web. I’m not sure if it ever will stop being a playground, time will tell ;-) My intention is to use markdown in a format that can be used in MkDocs and in Hugo without using the double-bracket additions.

Stuff to do:

  • Syntax highlight and copy code
  • PlantUML support
  • Admonition support

  1. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” ↩︎

Big Image Sample

Using Multiple Images

The image banners at the top of the page are refered to as “bigimg” in this theme. They are optional, and one more more can be specified. If more than one is specified, the images rotate every 10 seconds. In the front matter, bigimgs are specified using an array of hashes.

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Flake it till you make it

Excerpt from Soulshaping by Jeff Brown

Under what circumstances should we step off a path? When is it essential that we finish what we start? If I bought a bag of peanuts and had an allergic reaction, no one would fault me if I threw it out. If I ended a relationship with a woman who hit me, no one would say that I had a commitment problem. But if I walk away from a seemingly secure route because my soul has other ideas, I am a flake? [Read More]